Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Whale Wars" Television Series to Premiere on Animal Planet
This Friday, November 7, Animal Planet will debut a new 7-part weekly television series called "Whale Wars." It will follow the mission of Paul Watson's Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as they work aggressively to help stop whaling, poaching, shark-finning and habitat destruction. It's impressive that Animal Planet is devoting so much time to this important topic.
If anyone has ever been lucky enough to see a whale in the wild, it's hard to imagine that any human being would want to intentionally kill these magnificent creatures. In particular, Japan, Norway, and Iceland are still aggressively killing whales with no regard for the International Whaling Commission's guidelines.

The fact that Japan, Norway, and Iceland have such little respect for the whales and the marine ecosystem makes us seriously question whether we should be spending any money on the products or tourism of these countries. Whaling has no place in today's society--it's a brutal, unnecessary, and inhumane practice. Honestly, what is the point? Whales are in desperate need of our help. Many species are endangered as a result of whaling and their habitats are under constant threat.

Thanks to Animal Planet for taking time to educate us on this important topic.